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Apr 01 2014

Reynolda Rose Garden Project

In the early 1970’s, Reynolda Gardens and the Winston-Salem Rose Society installed an All-American Rose Garden that has attracted hundreds of visitors each year. In 2012 we were informed that the All-American Selections had decided to discontinue their public display garden program.

The Reynolda Gardens’ staff has been concerned for many years about the amount of pesticides required to grow roses properly. Our concern is not only for the safety of the Gardens’ staff and visitors, but we also have environmental concerns, such as the effect on bees and other pollinators, excessive water needs, and contamination of ground water. California, New York and Ontario currently have restrictions on the use of certain pesticides in public areas.

Today many breeders are addressing the issues and are working to develop beautiful plants that tolerate harsh, low-maintenance environments without agricultural chemicals and with a reduction in irrigation. The Gardens’ staff believes that transitioning Reynolda’s modern rose garden to these hardier varieties would be a very useful educational tool for the public.

The Reynolda Rose Garden Project will consist of transitioning the upper rose garden to no spray/minimum spray roses. Our intentions are to only spray if we have a periodic infestation of pests. We will also replace all of the current steel edging which was installed in the early 1970’s and is deteriorating rapidly.

Our current plan is to begin replacing roses in February 2014 and continue for the next three years. If we are able to find funding, we will complete the project in winter 2015.