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Aug 22 2016

School Trip Registration Begins

August 22, 2016 • By Phone

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Reynolda Gardens Field Trips: Connecting Nature and the Classroom

Are you looking for an experience that connects the science presented in classroom to the wonder and science of nature in the Piedmont and beyond? Then bring your class to Reynolda Gardens! Whether you are teaching a unit or need a review before EOGs, our field trips provide students with the opportunities to learn and understand, through observation and hands-on activity, the answers to these and other important questions about plant and animal life:

Do all plants have roots, stems, and leaves? Do they have the same life cycle? What factors influence plant growth? How do plants survive in the local environment and others around the world? How and why are plants in the Piedmont alike or different from those in a tropical forest or a desert? How do plants and animals interact in an ecosystem, and why is this interaction vital to a healthy environment? How does a changing environment impact plant and animal life?

Reynolda Gardens of Wake Forest University encompasses 129 acres located in the heart of Forsyth County, NC. Teachers and students visit the formal gardens, greenhouses, wetlands, meadow, and woods of Reynolda Gardens with experienced nature educators who encourage everyone to make discoveries and connections about science and nature. Teachers will find that four of the program offerings meet the NC Essential Standards, 2009: Seasons in the Garden; Piedmont Ecology; Plants Around the World; and Plants and Animals of the Piedmont.

Registration for 2016-17 opens Monday, August 22 at 8:00 a.m. and continues until all spaces are filled. The cost is $3.00/$5.00 per student, depending on the program. Group size is limited. To register on or after August 22, call 336-758-3485.

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