Reynolda Gardens of Wake Forest University

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Natural Areas


Woods and Natural Areas

Wooded areas that remained on the farms purchased to create Reynolda were retained and enhanced. Native trees and shrubs were purchased or moved from other areas of the property to create decorative woodland scenes. Exotic plants were added to beautify some areas, especially around the Irrigation Basin/Freshwater Swimming Pool. A carriage drive around Lake Katharine highlighted woodland views.



Golf Links

The nine-hole course, located at the entrance to Reynolda, utilized the natural contours of the land. The P. J. Berckmans Company of Augusta, Georgia consulted on the design. In the fashion of the day, greens were constructed of sand. Grazing sheep kept the grass short and created a pastoral scene.

To learn more, see selected articles in The Gardener’s Journal, a publication produced by Reynolda Gardens staff for Friends of Reynolda Gardens.