Reynolda Gardens of Wake Forest University

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Research Learning

Wake Forest University students and faculty have conducted studies at Reynolda Gardens since the 1960s. The Deeds of Gift protect the property from major alteration such as the addition of buildings and parking lots. Consequently, current and future scientists are free to establish long-term studies, assured that their projects will be protected and that their findings will be useful to researchers far into the future. Citizen scientists and interest groups, including Forsyth County Audubon Society and the Carolina Butterfly Society, conduct short-term studies and document their findings for use by others. Documents and reports are compiled on the site Science at Reynolda.

Animal Studies
Various studies conducted throughout the property.

Birds at Reynolda
A Field Guide to Avian Species by the Audubon Society of Forsyth County, past checklists, and unusual sightings and counts.

Early Projects
A listing of projects and contact information on studies conducted in the decades following establishment of Reynolda Gardens of Wake Forest College in 1957.

GIS of Reynolda Estate
Surveys of buildings, trails, and vegetation on the Estate.

Golf Links Meadow Projects
Soil analysis, meadow birds, butterfly phenology, historical imagery, and field mapping.

Invasive Plants on the Reynolda Campus
Includes kudzu, ivy, and cayratia.

Lake Katharine Wetland Projects
Historical Sediment Deposits at Lake Katharine.

Greenhouse Education Wing
Studies related to the upfit of a greenhouse wing to a model of energy sustainability.

Virtual Arboretum
Survey of the Reynolda campus of the University, including major trees throughout the campus and the Reynolda Estate.