Reynolda Gardens of Wake Forest University

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Woods, Natural Areas, Golf Links

Many changes have occurred to the landscape over the past century, due to human activity and natural conditions. Visitors are invited to walk on the trails during daylight hours year-round. Reynolda Gardens offers programs and events related to environmental studies and issues, using the woods, natural areas, and Golf Links Meadow as learning laboratories. Wake Forest University faculty and students conduct studies in these locations. Reynolda Gardens is part of the NC Birding Trail.

Woods and Natural Areas

Much of the wooded area remains from the early days of the estate. Non-native plants, part of the early twentieth century design scheme, have become invasive throughout the woods. A stream meanders near the nature trail, emptying into a series of ponds before entering the Lake Katharine Wetland. A wildflower garden has been planted near the stream. Two structures remain from the historic water system.

Golf Links Meadow

Although the area is no longer maintained for golf, grass predominates in approximately twenty-two acres of the original design footprint, beginning at the entrance of the Estate. Another sixteen-acre section between the gate and Coliseum Drive is under transition to a Piedmont native plant meadow. Wake Forest University students and faculty conduct scientific studies in the Meadow. Citizen scientists and school groups participate in activities in the Meadow. Trails allow access to the perimeter and center. The cistern, part of the original water system, remains at the corner of Coliseum Drive and Reynolda Road.

For more information, see selected articles in The Gardener’s Journal, a publication produced by Reynolda Gardens staff for Friends of Reynolda Gardens.